Oxford, 26 Jan 2013

Held at Tingewick Hall, John Radcliffe hospital, and organised by Dr Carl Reynolds.

Photo by Paul Clarke ©


What's in my fridge?

Database driven webapp for keeping an inventory of chemicals, reagents, antibodies etc in lab fridges. Allows browsing and searching of other labs' fridges.

Omer Saeed, Jim Blundell (@jeblundell), Ayesha Garrett (@londonlime), Nick Smith (@nimasmi)


Video consultations for assisted living


NHS website technology audit

Overview of technology used by NHS websites


Muto is a new way for health activists to find each other and connect using their existing social network platforms

@simon_penny @amcunningham @create_together @cdalgety


Collaborative platform for helping healthcare professionals perform safer and more effective clinical procedures whilst maximising patient experience.

@wai2k, @maryacaman,@gerhardlazu, @szywon

Active Letter

A system for improving continuity of care when patients are discharged to GP care.

Charlie Crichton, Grant Vallance, Andrew Tsui, Jonathan Kay, Anna (GP advisor)


A web-based platform for aiding interpretation of bone marrow aspirate quickly and accurately

Wai Keong (@wai2k), Duncan Brian (@haematologic), Oliver Madge, Craig Loftus, Martin Green, James Clemence (@jvc26)


Rapid procedures log application

Conrad Lee (@ckwl1), Michael George, Roy Lines (@roylinesuk), James Bloomer (@bigdumbobject), Kieran Gutteridge (@kgutteridge), Andrew Vizor

Dementia Scrapbook

An app that connects people with dementia to their memories, friends and family


Who Cares?

Identify GP, community and social services that service a particular address.

@inglesp @qofdatabase Tom

Open Prescribing

Open prescribing data API & HFC Inhaler visualisations

@thatdavidmiller @symroe @bmcjamin @simon_films


Use of the OpenEyes framework to create a cardiology EPR

Bill.Aylward (bill.aylward@openeyes.org.uk), Mark Wadham (@m4rkw), Philip Brook, Charlie Butcher, Jamie Neil, Tim Knowles (@knowlesarian)

NHS Commissioning Data Mailer

Splices Commissioning Data based on Practice Code and Emails via NHS.net to respective surgeries

@razatoosy @JackUkleja

Who Funded?

Who's funded your doctor's trials?

@doismellburning,@ajamesphillips, @je4d


Online viewer for Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) boundaries and data.

Andy South, Chris Martin, Rob Aldridge, Barry Rowlingson


Oportfolio: like eportfolio but doesn't suck

LJ (@_elljay_) Ed (@podmedicsed) Nick (@ntoll) George (@ghickman) Les (@ldrewery) Jeremy (@iHiD) Robin (@nottrobin) Eleanor (@_elsouth) Bernard (@ho_bernie) Helga (@sharkli)


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