London, 25 May 2013

Held at the University of London Union, and organised by David Miller.

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Where the Doc are you?

Hospitals are big and complicated. Time to make them simple, with an app that uses wifi signal strength to locate you inside a hospital.

Kristian Glass (@doismellburning), Helen Jackson (@deckofpandas) Jon Hilton (@jonjhilton), Aidan (@AndroidInLondon)


Comprehensive, up-to-date information about common diseases


BEST app - Bedside Event Safety Tool

BEST a new Bedside Safety Events Tool... Embracing patients as partners in care to monitor patient safety in real-time



Web service and multiplatform app for accessing NHS treatment protocols

@drjimmie1976, @Goutier, @jp_corbett, @BenNMiles, @andylolz

Doc to Doc

Bleeps are the best way we have to fix the problem of getting in touch with the busy healthcare professionals that work in the NHS. Doc to Doc allows users to put in their details making them eligible to be called through a central calling service.

@jonjhilton @kzhen


Online maps and visualisation of CCG data including option to upload your own data.


NHS Matchwell

Better support for people with health conditions, through matchmaking

@didlix, @alexstapleton, @drlaurajane, @colonelrosa, @nimasmi, @d0c0nnor, @doismellburning

NHS Donate

NHS Health manager

Multidisciplinary teams performance and accountability


Fatal Accident Inquiry Learning (FAIL)

Learning from fatal accidents

@drcjar @skiihne @inglesp

Distributed Emergency List Manager

Currently emergency surgery booking is mostly managed with booking forms, the bleep system and phone calls. The Distributed Emergency List Manager (DELM) aims to streamline the process, facilitating fast information and request transfers and thus more efficient planning and a smoother overall process. JQuery mobile on top of a PHP (Silex) backend.

@Sub_Effect, @dave_stewart

NHS Wait-Less

App/site/text service to show waiting times for A&E & alternatives

@benheubl, Masood Nazir (Dr!), @nicholascwng, @frathgeber, @felin006, @ajitpeter, @janepipistrelle


Gamifying Heathcare

Sam Mbale


The NHS Hackdays would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors

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