Leeds, 27 Sep 2014

Held at Retrograde Academy and organised by Alex Duke, Louise Sinclair, Mark Barrett and John Pyle

Photo by Lee and Sorrel ©


Online dental booking system

Audiogram grabber

Dental RAG Score

Dental disease impacts on quality of life. The new NHS dental contract requires preventative care to reduce the risk of dental disease. Dental RAG Score is a web based tool for a traffic-light system (Red, Amber or Green), used to weight each clinical or patient factor according to it’s importance in determining future risk for disease. The RAG score will inform actions for patients and professionals to reduce the patient’s future risk from disease.

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ROP Guardian

Retinopathy of prematurity is a potentially blinding condition that affects premature babies. Screening involves examination by an ophthalmologist. These infants should be seen according to a tight screening protocol. Missing referral and screening can have sight threatening implications for the baby and major medico legal cost for the Hospital- NHS. We are presenting a referral management tool for Retinopathy of prematurity alerts that will extract information via LH7 protocols and allow management of that information to a dedicated web portal.

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Renal Handover

Renal Handover is a patient handover application that allows clinicians to improve communication and timeliness of communication improving on current, flawed, manual systems.

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