London, 17 May 2015

Held at King's College London, and organised by Dr Helen Jackson

Photo by Paul Clarke ©



An application that makes documentation during medical emergencies easier, faster, and much more accurate.

Andrew Mcardle (@andrew_mcardle), Adam Pennycuick, Finn Catling (@FinnCatling), Maria Cross, John Reynolds, Oscar Bennett (@OFBennett)

Dental Charting UI

Open Source Graphic Dental Charting for Community Dental Services – a simple way to record the status of teeth (present, absent, decayed etc), with architecture designed to allow data export in the future.

Andrew Geddis-Regan (@andygeddisregan), Becky Wassall (@bexmoxon), Ken Ross (@kzhen), Piete Sartain (@pietesartain), Piotr Dubiniec, John Pyle, Carys Newbury


Balance is a tool that is used to help improve the dialog between clinician and patient to achieve shared decisions.

@barnyhole, @medicandme


Diab-eaties is web-based collection of games to teach children some simple principles of managing diabetes in a fun way. They can do it at home, or even in clinic before going in to see the doctor.

Simon Chapman (@diab-eaties)

His Kick Data

Using HES Open Data to find stuff out about central London hospitals – but more to find out about HES data itself.



Platform for matching Bank Staff with Vacant slots, with an iPhone app and front facing calendar website.

Angela Yu (@YU_Angela), Thomas Borwick (@Tborwick), Ritu Saini, James Carter, Ayesha Garrett , Robert Anderson


MyCPD helps you build your CV and compare your learning path with your peers.

Ad and Mike (@drmgeorge87) (@doismellburning)

Big map of (almost) everything

An easy to use service to help people find health and care services – from hospitals to defibrillators. All on one map, with the ability to search and filter.

@sheldonline @masterniket @ovedpathak @thomasridd @didlix

W8TX Mobile App


TakeYourMeds is a low tech automated phone reminder for patient who sometimes need prompting to take their medications or administer other treatments regularly.

@fiona_stacey, @deckofpandas, @marcus_baw, @c-christensen, @rossjones, @mikejthompson, @judegibbons, @symroe, @szotten


An application to address peoples inactivity when using devices.


eCDR (electronic Controlled Drug Register) provides a simple electronic system to monitor and audit the flow of controlled drugs through a pharmacy. This solution meets legislative requirements and is more reliable, less cumbersome and less time consuming than the existing paper based system.

@thatdavidmiller, @georgelunduk, @fredkingham, @helenst, @bitcollider, @drcjar


Freeing diabetes data and hardware for patients.

Tim Omer (@tim_omer)

A way for all NHS stakeholders to view relevant patient data, is an interface for patients as well as healthcare professionals, unifying all aspects of patient care into one system.

@sean_harbison, @lachenmayer, @EmMoiii



The NHS Hackdays would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors

£5000 towards venue hire and lunch for 150 people on both days
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